Tips for Tantalizing Food Photos

One of the advantages of having an award-winning photographer on staff at S&A Cherokee is that we and our clients have access to his skills and expertise.

Chief  Photographer Jonathan Fredin is often complimented on his fabulous food shots in Cary Magazine  and other publications. In fact, some advertisers have been so taken with the photos that they’ve incorporated them into their print ads.

Below, Jonathan offers some basic tips on how to make tasty-looking food photos that appeal to the senses rather than looking, well, unappetizing.

  • Never light food from the front. Frontal lighting makes food look flat. Arrange the dish so that its light source – i.e., window light or flash – is behind or to the side. This will create dimension, shape and texture, making the food appear more appealing.
  • Uses reflectors as a fill light to lighten shadows. By placing a piece of white foam core, a sheet of white paper, or even a small mirror opposite the main light source, you can brighten undesirable dark shadows on the food. Don’t overdo this. Less is more when trying to create texture and drama.
  • Consider the camera angle. We don’t always view food from directly above. The lower the angle you shoot from, the greater dimension and height the food will appear to have.
  • Consider your background. The background to any photograph is just as important as the subject itself. Does the background add to the impact of the food photograph or does it distract? One way to draw more attention to the food is by using a macro lens with shallow depth of focus, thereby blurring out distracting background details.
  • Set your white balance. An incorrect white balance can make food appear bland. Most digital cameras today provide white balance presets that will give food photographs a warmer appeal.

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Author: Glenn Gillen, APR
Glenn Gillen is our Senior Account Manager.

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