Social media tips to help businesses navigate through the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard. If you haven’t completely changed direction with your social media content by now, you are falling behind.

It’s time to check-in with your community and understand the perspective of your audience and humanity at this moment. Sensitive brand messaging is critical. Stores are temporarily shutting their doors, employees are facing layoffs, healthcare and community service workers are working extremely hard on the frontline.

During this time of uncertainty and drastic change, your social media strategy and messaging should also drastically change. Here are some tips to consider while reshaping your social media strategy:

1. Hit the brakes

Pause any campaigns that you were running or getting ready to launch that could make your brand look tone-deaf. People are experiencing major fear and anxiety. Coming off insensitive to your audience could amplify backlash. Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop brand went under fire after she posted herself in a luxury outfit during the coronavirus pandemic. Her followers were outraged the brand was trying to sell $500 sneakers, especially when her brand is focused on health.

2. Add a deeper meaning

People are searching for comfort and hope. Give them that. This is the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile for your audience and fill their feeds with positive messages. Each post should be relevant, valuable and helpful for your followers. Even though most of us are stuck at home, we can still make an effort to stick to regular routines or use this time to focus on a new hobby or skill. It could be something related to your brand that you can provide advice on to help them.  Let them know you are doing everything to serve them and that we’ll get through this together as a community.

3. Thank your community

Show your gratitude for the frontline workers and for the people staying home to help slow the spread of the pandemic. Share ways you are giving back to the community to help those struggling during these times. Such as donating food, money, or other items. Encourage your audience to do the same.  If you can serve your customers remotely, help them out by offering free shipping and discounted items or a free service you can live stream or host online.

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Remember to stay home if possible, help your community and thank all of the healthcare, truck drivers, grocery store workers, etc. for taking care of us all. We will get through this together!

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Author: Leah Brown
Leah Brown is our Account Executive / Social Media Marketing Manager.

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