Intern-to-Intern: Tips on Interning in the Field of Communications

Since September, I’ve had the pleasure of interning at S&A Cherokee, a full-service communications company. This experience has immersed me into the world of public relations. From writing, distributing and tracking press releases, to updating social media accounts, and researching and writing articles for clients, I’ve already learned a lot.

Along the way I’ve discovered some helpful tips for all interns in the public relations/communications field:

  • Proofread & Double-Check Emails. I’ve mistakenly asked someone a question that was already in a previous email, only once, but that one time taught me to pay attention to details. It could save a lot of hassle. Also, make sure emails have the correct attachment, if needed.
  • Follow the AP Stylebook. This can be tricky at times, especially when rushing to complete articles or press releases. However, through all the writing and editing I’m practicing, I’m constantly reminded of how things should be written, therefore building a stronger knowledge of the AP Stylebook.
  • Ask for Help. I was taught no question is a dumb question. Now of course with some things I’ll research and figure the answer out myself. When it comes to making sure I’m meeting company standards, I’ll ask questions. There’s no room to be afraid to ask questions while interning. This is the prime time to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.
  • Value Constructive Criticism. I know that as an intern I’m not perfect, no one is. I value the critiques I receive because it makes me stronger in the area I’ve had difficulties in. As interns, we must keep an open mind. Being hard on ourselves won’t get us anywhere, but taking in and using good advice will.

Taking the initiative as an intern to learn from mistakes and valuing the experience can be the difference between a mediocre internship and a great one.

Lauren Frazier is a senior at N.C. Central University concentrating in communication studies.

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