Color psychology 1.0

We’ve all seen quizzes about what your favorite color means about your personality traits, or what the color of your car says about what kind of person you might be — but what about the color or color combination of your company logo? What does your logo/brand color choice say about your product or service?


According to content creation platform Visually, here is a quick rundown of color psychology in logo design:


White: Peace and purity, cleanliness, innocence, refined, sterile, simplicity

Yellow: Caution, cheerful, curiosity, happiness, joy, playful

Orange: Affordable, enthusiasm, fun, jovial, lighthearted

Red: Action, adventure, aggressive, danger, energy, passion

Purple: Ceremony, expensive, justice, mystery, nobility, royalty

Blue: Authority, calm, confidence, dignity, loyalty, power, success, trustworthy

Green: Crisp, environmental, fresh, harmony, health, healing, renewal

Brown: Calmness, depth, earth, natural, roughness, richness, serious

Grey: Authority, corporate, dullness, humility, moody, respect, stableness

Black: Bold, classic, conservative, formality, secrecy, serious, tradition


Our minds are very responsive to color, we are often affected both consciously and subconsciously by the colors we see. Color is the first thing we notice when we see something. So when choosing colors for your brand/logo design, keep color psychology “in mind” to get your message across.

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