3 ways to make your commute more fun

Though it’d be nice to have a Keurig attached to the center console of your car, here are three practical ways to enhance morning and evening commutes outside of listening to the radio. Get your phone.

Make your drive a bit more exciting. In today’s digital age, there’s an array of podcasts readily available for every mood, personality and interest. Whether you’re into audio blogs, news, sports, educational or talk podcasts, there’s something out there for everyone. Let your mind escape from your mundane routines and queue up a podcast that will last your entire drive.

One downside of long commutes is that there just seems to be so much time wasted in the car. A way to productively use this time is to pick up a book — but not literally of course. Audiobooks are wonderful for trips of any length. They are an effortless way to immerse yourself into another world, quickly. One that might be a little less hectic than the traffic outside, depending on what you’re into. Whatever your favorite genre is, there are several apps offering both free and paid subscriptions. And whether you finish or not, listening to audio recordings is a good way to check out titles that you may have never picked up before.

Stand-Up Comedy
What better way to get your mind off the everyday bumper-to-bumper traffic or potential road rage than to laugh? Laughing does the body good. It not only can help mentally but physically as well, according to the Mayo Clinic. In addition to music, apps like Pandora carry a variety of stand-up comedy stations playing sets from the biggest names in comedy to some more recent up-and-comers.

No matter how you decide to boost your commute, you don’t want to be tapping through apps while on the road. Queue up your entertainment at the start of your trip and enjoy the drive.

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