2023 Marketing Trends Part 2: Social Media

Part one of this series dove into PR and reputation management trends that we can expect in 2023. Part two focuses on social media trends for this year. S&A’s social media manager, Allyson Harvey, social media strategist, Jordan Vansiclen, and Deven Bhardwaj share their insights for effective social media marketing including using influencers, DIY short-form video, and social listening. Here are their predictions:

  • Harness the power of influencers – The importance of influencer marketing can’t be understated. Whether marketing a specific product or an entire brand, there is most likely an influencer that can enhance reach and perception. An ideal influencer partnership simultaneously elevates the influencer’s personal brand and exposes your brand to thousands of new eyes through their audience. Research prospective influencers for the best fit.
  • Be authentic– Users are experiencing real content on social platforms like TikTok and the new up-and-coming platform BeReal. Online audiences want real-life content instead of content that appears overly produced. According to Sprout Social, 86% of Americans feel that transparency and true authenticity from businesses is more important than ever.
  • Prioritize short-form video content – Consumers want to be entertained for roughly 15 seconds with a real, authentic, and engaging video. Forbes claims that the exponentially growing popularity of short-form videos can be attributed to removing the production barriers that come with long-form videos, as well as increasing viewer accessibility and engagement. While you can have videos for social media professionally produced, it can be just as effective to DIY using your iPhone, saving you time and money.
  • Enhance your social listening – Social listening is becoming more important than ever as follower communities on businesses’ social profiles grow. Users are expecting customer service via social media, through commenting or direct messaging, and the best way to effectively provide that is through robust social listening.
  • Budget thoughtfully – The type, and number, of new social media platforms will continue to expand, giving individuals and businesses alike the ability to share content in new ways. Businesses should carefully allocate their marketing budgets to effectively utilize the right platforms to reach targeted audiences. Consider engaging professional social media marketers who keep up with new platforms and trends and ensure your marketing dollars are spent wisely.

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Look out for the final part of this series next week for expert insights on digital and web design trends for 2023.

Author: Madeleine Murray
Madeleine Murray is our Account Coordinator.

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