case study: merchlogix

Public Relations



Nead Werx, a full-service, software firm specializing in development of cloud-based enterprise resource applications focused on merchandising execution and retail project management developed a new platform offering cutting-edge software and services that seamlessly integrate management and merchandising processes into one intuitive tool.

Before Nead Werx could launch its new tool, it needed brand development, including product name, tagline, logo, look and feel, and a website for the new platform.


Conduct a series of brand development sessions designed to:

  • Articulate the brand strategy and positioning of the platform
    • Define the brand image
    • Develop a set of recommended name options and supporting rationale for each
    • Craft a tagline
    • Write an elevator pitch about the new tool
  • Create a logo to capture the essence of the brand
  • Develop a brand standards manual
  • Design and develop a website and landing page based on the stakeholders’ goals and target audience
  • Design trade show materials to support the brand launch


  • Developed and launched new website on time and under budget
  • Developed a thoughtful, memorable, distinctive, relevant and on-brand name
  • Developed a simple, effective tagline designed to articulate exactly what the platform does
    • The client remarked, “You nailed it! There are so many of the names and taglines that work well…it is going to be hard to pick one.”