We wouldn’t fault you if your idea of public relations involved merely getting news coverage for your organization. While media relations is a major component of public relations, there is much more to what we do.

First of all, the term “public relations” can be a bit confusing. Most people assume that it refers to the general public. In reality, organizations deal with multiple and diverse publics including employees, customers, prospects, investors/donors, neighbors, government and regulatory agencies, vendors, suppliers, trade associations and more.

Just as we wouldn’t craft a one-size-fits-all communications strategy, we wouldn’t recommend attempting to communicate with all of these publics through one vehicle. Different audiences have different needs and interests, and successful companies look for ways to draw from core messages while customizing them for each audience.

Public relations involves listening to and engaging audiences, not just putting out press releases, newsletters and social media posts. In short, we help organizations and their various publics communicate with and understand each other better. Head over to our case studies to see how we put this into action.

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